CAG-001 Plain Colt 1860 Army

Product no.: CAG-001
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These Grips can be ordered in any of the colors and finishes listed. We can add a superficial crack that gives the grip a more aged look. If you wish to order the grip with the cracks, please make a note of that in the comments section of your order. All of the grips are poured and colored by hand and so the colors may vary in the finished products. Upon receipt of the grips please make sure that they will work for your guns BEFORE you do any work on them because once the grips have been altered in any way they are no longer able to be returned or exchanged. All of our grips require some fitting including but not limited to Drilling and setting the screws for 2 piece application, and/or fastening the block in between the panels to make a 1piece grip.

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